Hello my beautiful ladies!!!! Today’s post I want to share you something  really romantic!!! I want to tell you that I found a beautiful bridal gowns website. You know how women love to see wedding dresses all the time even if we aren’t in a wedding planning situation, but I dont know! It’s something girly and romantic that I’m pretty sure every girl does! 😉  So I got lost at this website viewing their cutest wedding dresses and I saw they have a wide variety of fabrics, materials and beaded details of the highest quality for a unique and special day in each design. 
One of the coolest things from CocoMelody is that you dont need to stress yourself  trying to find the perfect dress, because they offer a Custom Made Design wedding gown!!! Their designer wedding dresses and team can help you with the interpretation of your idea and the concept of your wedding to transform it into THE wedding dress of your dream for a very reasonable cost! 
On the other way and if you don’t want the design process, you always can choose a fairytale wedding dress from their couture wedding dresses, trust me, Cocomelody have a very unique and special pieces of art that are absolutly on trend! Isn’t this the coolest and most romantic thing for that special day!?!?! <3
So here are my favorite dresses on the pictures, and also I want to let you know that if you are in the wedding planning or you have a friend who is into that beautiful part of her life…well…THEY ARE ON SALE!!!!! Just use the code: W20  to get your discount! 😉